Rising Fertilizer Prices and the Need for Judicious Use – The Island

by Goolbai Gunasekara

The political scene changes from day to day… in fact hour to hour it seems. Here are some thoughts on topics discussed among people like me who have no influence on politics but have a lot to say about the bizarre happenings that showed a rich vein of eccentricity running through the events of the past four months.

Our opinions are not based on passionate rhetoric. They are not political either. They just seem to be based on common sense (albeit amateurish) conclusions by people like me who know full well that our opinions will never be considered……..UNLESS!!!


We are sure that Mr. Ranil, Wickremesinghe has no illusions about his popularity. He knows that next to the Rajapaksa, he is very hated at the moment (politically speaking). Nothing personal is planned. He is a cultivated and cultured man. But he strings together mistake after mistake in the face of the aragalaya who keeps seething with anger in small groups because he has given the impression that he will cooperate with former crooks without a change of system. And we ALL want system change. We still see old faces of corrupt men surrounding it and it upsets us…aragalaya and the civilian population. He has so far failed to bring to justice the disbelievers that the people desperately want.

We ask this….. Surely Ranil has the power to rid himself of the old guard and bring in new men, with no character flaws, instead of swearing in those who have been cleared by a legal system which we are not totally in satisfied? And many that are NOT erased.

He gets the chance to act like an enlightened despot instead of a pot dictator. Let him do the right thing by the people who spoke loudly and he will become our best leader yet. So our view is that he should be given the chance to DO THIS UNGRACIOUS JOB and HOPE he answers Lanka’s desperate plea.


We believe that the young minister, KANCHANA WIJESEKERA has done a very good job in a most difficult situation. You can see that he is trying. He speaks perfectly on television and tells the public what’s going on with regard to the queues (which he has now dispelled). He presents himself as a mature politician in the making. Alas the energy crisis underlined by the President of the PUCSL.

The power hike is a shock and we need to be reassured that those rogue engineers making up the so-called ‘engineering mafia’ who are responsible for our plight are taking massive pay cuts and will be denied pay raises or bonuses. Can anyone tell us if this is happening? Surely the IMF will expect this kind of action? Mr. RW must start acting and be very strict with these unpatriotic elements.


Faced with the gloom and soaring food prices, I wonder if the MAISON really understands people’s moods. I feel like they listen to the sycophants around them telling them what they want to hear, not what they SHOULD hear. Force the officials who are draining the country’s finances to start laying the blame. For example, how can a bankrupt nation like ours have a stockpile of SEVENTY buses lying idle for seven years?


Our disreputable House (with a few notable exceptions) must have its wages cut, its pensions taken away, its powers totally curtailed, its cars taken away, and its unnecessary security taken away immediately. If there are death threats against them, they probably deserve them. We have NEVER seen such a useless group of people. Their behavior in Parliament is appalling. They don’t even have the courtesy to listen to each other speak. They yawn, they chat among themselves, they get up and leave the chamber, they argue over trivialities and one wonders what they are doing to justify the money spent on these (mostly) uneducated men.

They have the audacity to complain about not having enough gas to get to Parliament. Let them use public transport like Swedish ministers do or stay at home. They don’t do anything for the country or the people anyway.


Sajith’s father, the late President R. Premadasa, was the best administrator this country has ever had. His work ethic was amazing. He had foresight and wisdom, and his economic policies were sound and rewarding. Her son had an excellent education and possesses great skills as a speaker. His English is impeccable and he can probably impress anyone from the IMF, World Bank, AfDB et al. But so far he seems to be playing a passive role when he should be standing up and acting as the possible leader of this country. He is certainly becoming the future leader we hope for.


It says a lot for these politicians that they are so easily recognized by their first names. Eran and Harsha are currently two of the most trusted and admired men in Parliament. Gajendrakumar is quickly gaining a similar reputation and seems to have inherited the ability from his father, Kumar Ponnambalam. With men like that, why on earth do we have to deal with people like Nimal Siripala and Rajitha Senaratne and others of their ilk?


He is another universally respected man who speaks common sense and knows what the country needs. We have the talent, but why aren’t the above mentioned names given to ministries regardless of party politics and just told to keep bringing order out of the chaos. Ranil will be a hero the moment he does this and brings this country back to prosperity (if only he does). He will be credited with having tapped into this well of talent that will work with wisdom and foresight and achieve brilliant results. Above all… they are all honest.

If Ranil is allowed out of the lazy elected to parliament, he will find literally dozens of capable, educated, and experienced citizens who will keep this country going. Among them are many women like Savitri Gunasekara, Radhika Coomaraswamy and Tara de Mel. There are of course many other women, especially in the business world. The names that come to mind are Dawn Austin and Kasturi Chelleraja Wilson. Alas, I don’t know very well the many very talented women who run companies with enormous success.

Compare the dozen names I mentioned to the 200 greedy, stupid and corrupt men who make up our Parliament. These men simply wallow in the luxurious feather bed of the state. Of course, I am not counting that small number who are both educated and capable.

Aren’t the sordid 200 ashamed of themselves! Sri Lankans have openly and volublely shown their contempt for the representatives of the current government who still attend Parliament in expensive vehicles, behaving as if they still represent the people. Don’t they feel the hatred they inspire? Don’t they fear the possibility of future violence now that peaceful protests have been suspended? How long will they continue with this social irresponsibility? How long will voters put up with the appalling corruption so brazenly displayed and so brazenly unpunished?

The uprising of the people, the continued struggle against the aragalya and the constant demands for justice show that the people of Sri Lanka want these men OUT. They will support ANY man who has the power and courage to change the system. Ranil Wickremesinghe has the power right now. Will he have the nerve?

Napoleon’s military success is undoubtedly due to his genius but also to the fact that he was able to choose superb generals. His Code Napoleon was possible thanks to this talent he had in acquiring the best men available. Sri Lanka has plenty of these men available. Let Ranil Wickremesinghe SOMEWAY use it without worrying too much about the points of JR’s absurd Constitution which prevents any real system change in the name of ‘Legal’. Legality is a highly touted word. What crimes are committed daily in his name.

Lest scholarly constitutional pundits dismiss the whole thing as a mirage, let me remind the reader that I started out by saying that this is an amateur’s opinion. restarted as national policy in schools. Better late than never, I suppose, but what an awful waste it has been all these years watching the country gradually slide into virtual backwardness due to a senseless language policy wrongly applied.

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