Police memo reveals gruesome details of Moreblessing Ali’s murder

HARARE – A police memo prepared after the recovery of the remains of Moreblessing Ali on Saturday further painted a bloody picture of how the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist suffered a horrific ordeal of murder at the hands of of his attackers.

In the memo, police persisted in their narrative that the activist may have met his fate through an act of domestic violence.

Ali was reported missing on May 24 this year, with the opposition saying she was attacked by Zanu PF supporters.

What followed was an anguished two and a half weeks of public speculation about his fate.

Their fears were confirmed by the discovery of the remains of the 46-year-old mother of two children in a well on a farm in Béatrice.

Recounting the experience of recovering his remains, police said the mutilated body had, “bruises on the right cheek and forehead were observed, the left armpit was cut off but left hanging from the torso, the intestines were intact but exposed below the stomach.

Also observed at the scene of the crime was “a 50kg white bag with the inscription supper phosphate was the first to be recovered and it was opened”.

“The bag contained complete left and right whitish female legs with a pair of black socks but no shoes. CID Studios took pictures of the legs.

“The whitish torso of a woman donning a white long-sleeved t-shirt. The torso was from the dreaded waist to head height and was recovered. Photos were taken by CID Studios.

“There was a tightly tied black cloth around the neck,” police said.

Road to perdition… Beatrice’s small farm where the dismembered body of Moreblessing Ali was found



Subject: Murder within the meaning of Section 47(1)(a) of the Criminal Act [Codification and 

             Reform] Act chapter 9:23

This memo is to inform the order that:-

  1. The background to the case is that on May 24, 2022 at around 2000 hours, Moreblessing Ali, now deceased, and complainant Kirina Mayironi NR59-064625D-59, both from Nyatsime, Beatrice and employed by Chitungwiza Municipality while police officers were drinking beer at Chibhanguza Shopping Centre.
  2. At around 9 p.m., the deceased and Kirina Mayironi are reported to have left the bar. Meanwhile, it is further alleged that Moreblessing Ali was approached by a single identified as Pias Jamba from plot 321 of Dunnotar Beatrice farm. Jamba accused Moreblessing Ali that his dog was bothering him.
  3. The deceased ignored Jamba and it didn’t go down well with him and pulled out a catapult from his back pocket and mistakenly hit Kirina Mayironi in the chin with an unknown object.
  4. Kirina Mayironi ran into the bar to take refuge and saw Jamba training Moreblessing Ali. Kirina Mayironi was taken home by a Washington Mutsviri from Nyatsime. Washington Mutsviri returned to Chibhanguza with efforts to bring home Moreblessing Ali but could not locate her.
  5. On May 25, 2022 and at around 5 p.m., Kirina Mayironi made a missing person report to ZRP Haradge Beatrice base of Moreblessing Ali and filed assault charges against Pias Jamba.
  6. A team of police officers from ZRP Béatrice CID, DUB and CANINE was dispatched to search for the missing person. Searches at his home as well as at the Chibhanguza shopping center, nearby rivers and wells were carried out but all yielded no results.
  7. Due to an extended period, Moreblessing Ali has not been located, kidnapping allegations and investigations in an effort to account for the known accused Pias Jamba have been made and still have not been located and arrested.


On June 11, 2022, police gathered information from 857637N P/CST Abel Chayani of plot 227 Dunnotar farm Beatrice that Laina Mukandi NR 37-006001-N -38 aged 67 from plot 321 Dunnotar farm, Beatrice, had seen a suspicious bag containing a smelly substance in a disused well on her plot when she went to relieve herself around 6am today.

A team from ZRP Beatrice went to the scene. Upon arrival, Laina Mukandi led the four-police team led by A/I Jumbe to the disused well.

Comments made

  • The disused well is located 40 meters south of Laina Mukandi’s farm.
  • The well is unprotected and undeveloped land.
  • A strong stench emanated from the well.
  • The team saw a white 50 kg bag that appeared to be loaded with something floating in the well.
  • In the same well, a female human body part with breasts was seen floating off the side of the 50 kg bag.


The following crime scene experts were called in: CID Branches (Forensic Investigations, Homicide, Studios, Law & Order, Crime Scenes), Canine Chivhu, Support Unit (Oscar Troop Urban Chikurubi)

 Canine had a 360 degree perimeter check.

 The forensic team took photos of the scene.

 A team of 10 sheets from the ZRP Béatrice recovered the following elements:

 A 50 kg white bag bearing the inscription supper phosphate was first recovered and opened.

 The bag contained complete left and right whitish female legs with a pair of black socks but without shoes. CID Studios took photos of the legs.

 The whitish torso of a female person putting on a white long-sleeved T-shirt. The torso was the size of the dreaded head and was recovered. CID Studios took pictures.

 There was a tightly tied black cloth around the neck.

The following injuries were noted:

 Bruises on the right cheek and forehead were observed.

 The left armpit was cut off but left hanging from the torso.

 The intestines were intact but exposed below the stomach.

The remains found have been positively identified by the relatives mentioned below as those of Moreblessing Ali who disappeared on 05/24/22 at 9:00 p.m. after being assaulted and kidnapped by Pius Jamba, Ali Silence NR59-197047-Q-59 aged 24 from house 20628 Unit B, Seke, Chitungwiza son of the deceased, Solomon Ali NR Not detained aged 38 from Chinhanga village, chief Seke Chitungwiza who is the brother of the deceased, Yusof Andrea NR 59-092889A59 aged 36 years old from 13354 Nyatsime, Beatrice who is the cousin brother of the deceased.

The remains were placed in a white body bag and cadaver box and transported to Chitungwiza General Hospital morgue for autopsy in the ZRP vehicle Beatrice Registration number ZRP 303T

Investigations are still ongoing and your firm will be alerted to any new developments, ZRP Béatrice CR 104/05/22 and 105/05/22 refer.

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