Over the past two years, 196 people arrested in NDPS cases in Budgam

Budgam, August 25: Over the past 20 months, Budgam Police arrested 196 people in the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) cases, in which ten people were arrested under the Public Security Act in the whole district of Budgam .

Police also recorded 108 cases under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Year 2021 as of August 21, 2022.

Official data available with Rising Kashmir reveals that in 2021, police recorded 61 NDPS cases in Budgam district. In which 111 people were arrested.

Similarly, from the year 2022 to August 21, 2002, the police recorded only 47 cases in which 85 people were arrested and 10 were charged under the Public Security Act (PSA).

In 2021, Budgam Police recovered various types of illegal drugs in the district including 14188 Sposmo Proxy Von tablets, 357 grams of heroin, 622 kilograms 200 grams of poppy straw, 600 bottles of codeine phosphate, 08 liters of codeine.

In the same year, the police also recovered 4 kg 15 grams of tanks, 28 kilograms 200 grams of Bhang Patri and 42 bottles of alcohol and destroyed Bhang and poppy on 19 kanals and 13 Marlas across Budgam district.

From January 2022 to August 21 this month, police recovered 120 grams and 535 milligrams of heroin, 4128 tablets of Sposmo Proxy Von, 424 kilograms 500 grams of poppy straws, 263 bottles of codeine and 4 kg 506 grams of Chars , 113 kilograms of Fuki and 94 kilograms of cannabis powder.

During these eight months, 18 Kanals and 71/2 Malaras of agricultural land on which poppy was grown were destroyed by the police in the district of budgam.

A senior police officer from the Budgam district police headquarters said that the police are still carrying out awareness programs in schools, colleges and villages and also carrying out various drug related programs in Budgam district. .

“Community members must provide any information regarding drug traffickers in their neighborhood. If any people are found engaging in drug trafficking, they will be dealt with strictly in accordance with the law. Thus, such cases of pedaling of drugs will also be completed in the district for the betterment of society,” he said.

Dr. Yasir Rather, a professor at the Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience, Srinagar said that the role of parents for the proper development of mental health of their children from the early years of childhood.

“These days we are facing an epidemic of drug abuse scenario and the most adequate preventative measure that parents can take is clear and non-judgmental communication. Parents need to be involved in the life of their child – a parent is not supposed to be a friend to a child but should maintain a friendly and approachable attitude. They should respect the individuality of the child but also be part of all spheres of his life. Parents should educate children about mental health – understanding emotions, why they feel what they feel, need to acknowledge their emotions rather than saying “don’t think about it, it may seem trivial to parent or child, it may not ‘be,’ he said

Dr Yasir said schools are a child’s second home – teachers can be a great source of support and reinforcement for the child. Schools should adopt a drug-free policy where such behavior should not be accepted. Appropriate awareness campaigns should be planned at school and life skills should also be imparted. Life skills prepare a child to deal with various life situations, which indirectly teaches him to make rational decisions and also keeps him away from substance use.

“The ease of access to drugs in our valley is also leading to an increase in drug addiction. Our society as a whole can play a major role. Government organizations must be actively involved and religious leaders can use their sermons as a platform for awareness “, he added. said.

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