Magnetomicrometry | Scientific robotics



We live in an age of wearable sensing, where our movements around the world can be continuously monitored by devices. Yet we lack a wearable sensor capable of continuously monitoring the movement of muscles, tendons and bones, which allows us to monitor performance, provide targeted rehabilitation, and provide intuitive and reflective control of prostheses and prosthetics. exoskeletons. Here, we introduce a detection modality, magnetomicrometry, which uses the relative positions of implanted magnetic beads to allow wireless tracking of changes in tissue length. We demonstrate real-time muscle length monitoring in an in vivo turkey model via chronically implanted magnetic beads while studying the precision, biocompatibility, and long-term stability of the implant. We anticipate that this tool will lay the groundwork for voluntary control of wearable robots through real-time monitoring of muscle length and speed. Additionally, to inform future biomimetic control strategies, magnetomicrometry can also be used in in vivo monitoring of biological tissues to elucidate the biomechanical principles of animal and human movement.

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