Kaushik Majumdar discussed innovations in plant nutrition management

Dr. Kaushik Majumdar Director General African Institute for Plant Nutrition, Benguerir, Morocco

The Fertilizer Association of India (FAI) leads her Annual seminar 2021 of December 1-3 to Indian habitat center on the subject “Challenges of fertilizers and agriculture” and today is the 2sd day of the Seminar which began 11:00.

There will be presentations on economic policies, climate resilient agriculture, technological progress in fertilizer production, and the effectiveness of fertilizer marketing.

The Fertilizer Association of India (FAI) is a non-profit and non-commercial association which mainly represents fertilizer manufacturers, distributors, importers, equipment designers, research institutes, and input suppliers.

The day was divided into 2 sessions and the topics covered during the sessions were: Challenges for the Indian fertilizer industry and Meeting the challenges of agriculture.

Many prominent speakers attended this seminar and shared their valuable insights and one of them was Dr. Kaushik Majumdar, Director of the African General Institute of Plant Nutrition, Benguerir, Morocco. He mainly discussed the “Innovations in Plant Nutrient Management: Conceptualizing a New Paradigm for Plant Nutrition”.

Kaushik got her M.Sc. in Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science of BCKV University in India. He received his doctorate in Soil Mineralogy / Soil Chemistry from Rutgers University in the USA.

Majumdar worked like a Soil mineralogist to Indian Potash Research Institute (PRII), and later as Deputy Director of East India and Bangladesh for the Canada-India Potash and Phosphate Institute Program; and like the South Asia Program Director of International Institute of Plant Nutrition (IPNI).

Dr Majumdar has several national and international scientific publications and has produced multiple fertilizer decision support tools, technical bulletins and training aids.

Addressing the audience, he mentioned things to keep in mind when conceptualizing a new paradigm for plant nutrition:

  • Policies and business models focused on sustainability

  • Increase the efficiency of nutrient use and reduce nutrient wastage as this will have environmental consequences

  • More accurate crop nutrition driven by data

  • Recovery and recycling of nutrients

  • Reduce losses and recover lost ones using new technology

  • Nutrition sensitive agriculture

  • The key points of agriculture are to provide nutritious food

  • Low emission fertilizers

  • Accelerated innovation centers

  • Use the data and provide it to others so that research can be done more easily

  • All stakeholders must work together to make this happen

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