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Red phosphorus market

Red phosphorus is an allotrope of phosphorus and a derivative of the P4 molecule. It is derived from phosphate rock, red in color, has a powdery texture and available in an amorphous state. Red phosphorus is used in pyrotechnics, semiconductors, safety matches, fertilizers, smoke bombs, pesticides, the production of flame retardants, and some organic chemical synthesis reactions. Red phosphorus is also used in electroluminescent coatings. The demand for red phosphorus is expected to increase during the forecast period due to the increasing use in the production of fireworks and safety matches around the world.

Market dynamics

Use of red phosphorus in the fireworks and pyrotechnics industry to stimulate the market

Red phosphorus is increasingly used in the production of fireworks and pyrotechnics. The increasing use of crackers and pyrotechnics in various countries is increasing the demand for red phosphorus. Crackers and fireworks are used on special occasions like Diwali, New Years, sports and wedding celebrations.

Red phosphorus is also used as an explosive in the military, construction and mining industry. Red phosphorus smoke is deployed explosively from grenades and mortar shells in military applications. With the widespread adoption of explosives in the military, construction and mining industry coupled with the growth of mining activities around the world, the growth of the red phosphorus market is expected to rise during the forecast period. However, due to growing concerns about environmental pollution, regulators have imposed a ban on fireworks, which may reduce the consumption of red phosphorus in pyrotechnics and explosives.

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Matchbox industry shrinking to hamper red phosphorus market

Red phosphorus has renowned applications in the matchbox industry. The future of the matchbox industry is gradually fading. India is one of the major producers of matchboxes. India’s matchbox industry was worth $ 200 million in 2019, which is gradually shrinking. Industrial revenues have declined by 25% in recent years. In addition, around 8,000 units have been closed over the past decade. The increasing use of gas lighters in the home, increasing urbanization, advanced lighting gadgets and decreasing number of smokers are leading to the downfall of the matchbox industry. Moreover, the growing awareness of the harmful effects of smoking and its ban in public places, along with the increase in production costs are factors that are restraining the growth of the market. The decline of the matchbox industry is having a big impact on the growth of the red phosphorus market.

Use of red phosphorus in the manufacture of methamphetamine (Meth) to hamper the market

Red phosphorus is used to make methamphetamine, which is a recreational drug. According to the US Department of Justice, methamphetamine abuse is the biggest drug problem in the United States. Rising regulations on red phosphorus due to its use in the manufacture of methamphetamine are expected to restrict market growth. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has issued a notice advising individuals and companies engaged in the manufacture of red phosphorus of its use in the illicit manufacture of methamphetamine (meth).

Growing demand for luminous and electroluminescent paints / coatings to provide lucrative growth opportunities

The global paints and coatings industry is changing at a rapid pace. Manufacturers are constantly developing new and innovative products using different chemicals such as phosphorus. Luminous and electroluminescent paints and coatings are recent developments that are gaining popularity in the clothing, footwear and automotive industries. Electroluminescent coating is different from ordinary coating in that it emits bright light not caused by heat. Red phosphor is used in luminous and electroluminescent paints because it creates a phosphorescent effect, illuminating the color in the dark. The company, LumiLor, developed the world’s first electroluminescent paint, which can be used in automotive aftermarket parts, bicycles, cars and interior decoration.

The incorporation of red phosphorus in luminous and electroluminescent paints is expected to provide a lucrative opportunity for new and existing players in the red phosphorus market. Manufacturers can partner with manufacturers of light and electroluminescent paints, such as LumiLor, to make high profits, as the trend of bright and floral colors is increasing at a rapid rate in clothing, footwear, automotive and clothing. interior decoration.

Segmental overview

Based on type, the global red phosphorus market has been segmented into high purity and general. High purity red phosphorus is widely used in electronics and semiconductors. The demand for high purity red phosphorus is increasing due to the growth of the semiconductor industry. According to the Semiconductor Industry Association, global semiconductor sales were valued at $ 35 billion as of May 2020, an increase of 5.8% from sales in the previous year. The growing electronics and semiconductor market is expected to drive segmental growth.

On the basis of applications, the smoke bomb segment is expected to register substantial growth during the forecast period. This can be attributed to the increasing adoption of red phosphorus in military activities. The increasing use of crackers and colorful smoke bombs to celebrate occasions can also contribute to segmental growth. Smoke bombs are also used in video shooting and photography. The growing trend of photography and social media is driving the demand for smoke bombs, which is expected to increase sales of red phosphorus.

The flame retardants segment is expected to represent the highest market share during the forecast period. The demand for flame retardants is in several industries to reduce the risks due to fire and heat. They are used in the electrical and electronic industries and several household products. Red phosphorus is the key chemical in flame retardants.

Regional overview

Asia-Pacific is expected to account for the highest share of the global red phosphorus market during the forecast period. The growth can be attributed to several favorable factors, such as the presence of a huge matchbox industry and the growing demand for fireworks and pyrotechnics in countries like India and China. According to the Ministry of Commerce, India is the world’s largest exporter of safety matches and a major producer and consumer of the phosphate needed to make red phosphorus.

North America is expected to be the second largest market for red phosphorus due to the presence of major chemical production companies, such as The Dow Chemical Company and BASF USA. The United States is the largest automotive market, the use of red phosphorus as a flame retardant and coating is expected to drive regional growth.

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Red phosphorus market: top players

Rasa Industries
Qin Xi New Materials
Clariant SA
Nippon Chemical Industrial
Wylton (China) Chemistry
Electronic Jinding
Red phosphorus market: segmentation

By type

High purity
By application

Fire retardant
Safety matches
Smoke bombs
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North America
United States
Great Britain
The Netherlands
The rest of europe
Asia Pacific
South Korea
The rest of Asia-Pacific
Central, South America and the Caribbean
The rest of Central and South America and the Caribbean
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Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
The rest of the Middle East
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