Global Strategies to Mitigate Price Increases from Suppliers, Auto News, ET Auto

We can all agree that the supply chain is very volatile at the moment with shortages of parts, shortages of personnel and demands for price increases from suppliers. Specifically for price increase requests, what do you see in the market today and how does effective management of supplier price increase requests positively impact the business? What are the top 2-3 strategies that businesses can use today to more effectively manage supplier price increase requests?

Learn more in this week’s interview “Global Strategies to Mitigate Supplier Price Increases” with Jeoff Burris. For over 17 years, Jeoff has led the advanced purchasing dynamic that drives cost and collaboration in the manufacturing supply chain. Jeoff has always had a deep passion for understanding and reducing costs, and leveraged these passions to lead his purchasing teams at Ford, Metaldyne and Magna to successful records of substantially increased savings. His success in purchasing led him to executive management as purchasing director and general manager of the P&L group. A proven global manager, he can be credited with having sourced and managed profitable facilities and joint ventures in India, Korea and Mexico.

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