Chair impact: Pulpdent Embrace varnish and sealant

When it comes to fluoride varnish and pit and fissure sealer for my pediatric patients, I need something fast, easy, and effective. Pulpdent Embrace products are designed for clinicians who want quality results and easy application so they can stay in control of their busy schedules.

Kiss the prevention varnish

Fluoride varnish is preferred by many hygienists over other application methods because of its speed and ease of use and long tooth life. are exposed to fluoride. The American Dental Association (ADA) strongly recommends fluoride varnish as a preventative measure for patients with moderate to high caries risk, regardless of age.1 Embrace Prevention Varnish contains 5% sodium fluoride with calcium and phosphate coated with xylitol (CXP). Since these minerals are coated with xylitol, they are kept in a non-reactive state until the varnish comes in contact with the saliva.2 This CXP blend sets Embrace Prevention Varnish apart from other topical fluorides.

More impact in the chair:

Aside from the advanced science behind this product, I love its ease of use! The varnish comes in small single-use sachets that do not require any mixing or measuring. I simply squeeze the contents of the pouch onto the back of my gloved hand, dry my patient’s teeth, and apply a thin coat of varnish with the brush provided. This product glides smoothly over the enamel without making lumps or stains. My patients love the slightly sweet flavor.

Get WetBond Pit & Crack Sealant

We can’t go home with pediatric patients to ensure consistent home care, but we can place a barrier that will provide lasting protection for their permanent posterior teeth once they leave the office. Pits and cracks attract rot, and research shows sealants to be one of the most effective ways to guard against bacterial destruction.3 Embrace WetBond Pit and Fissure Sealant is a light-curing resin material that releases fluoride and phosphate long after placement, providing patients with years of mineral fortification. It is radiopaque, which makes it easy to detect on x-rays, and the tint of the material blends fairly well with tooth enamel.4

The two things I love most about this sealant are its unsurpassed material quality and ease of application. WetBond technology is perfect for the pediatric stage where maintaining a perfectly dry field is notoriously difficult. The material adheres incredibly well to a slightly damp enamel surface. Other sealants can be liquid, sparkling, and difficult to control when in a liquid state, but Embrace has the perfect consistency. It’s easy to apply just the right amount, and it extends cleanly and effortlessly into the narrow, deep geography of the occlusal surface with the gentle guidance of my favorite instrument. After light-curing, the margins are impeccable.

It reassures me to know that I am treating my patients with high quality preventive products while saving me precious chair time. The hug allows me to say Yes unforeseen events in my hygiene schedule without compromising my patient care. . . or my reason!

Editor’s Note: This article appeared in the December 2021 print edition of HDR magazine.

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